Does Caring equal taking Children into Care? – #SWSCmedia debate 17-April-2012

Care applications have hit all time high with an increase of 10.8% over the same period last year. This is a huge an alarming increase as it raises the a number of important questions:

Is this a reflection of worsening socio-cultural issues?

or is it  due to socio-economic factors?

Is this attributable to poorer parenting? if yes is it because economic conditions are affecting parents emotional and parental capacity?

Perhaps it is due to the lack of services that were provided by charities that could not survive the cuts?

or may be charities faced with reduced resources are raising their thresholds and serving less users of services?

It could also be that statutory service have become more risk averse and this is resulting in an increase in care applications.

or is this due to a new conception of risk and early intervention?

In today’s debate we wish to explore this and other relevant questions. So join us at 8:00 PM BST / 3:00 PM ET and share your views and experiences about this important topic.

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