Rape and Abortion Rights… Debate Summary @SWSCMedia

Thank you for joining us and for sharing your views on “Rape and Abortion Rights Debate@SWSCmedia. This was the first of our new U.S.A. & Canada debates series @SWSCmedia. It was a lively evening with excellent contributions from brilliant participants.

Therefore, we look forward to your participation in our next debate on Wednesday (Sept. 12) when we discuss Obama Health Care Reform (Affordable Care Act).  In particular, we welcome your views on:

Next debate:  ”Affodable Care Act: Forward or Rollback? & Why?” 

Wednesday (Sept. 12) 8:00 PM ET / 5:00 PM PT @SWSCmedia.

Below is the summary of our debate (Sept. 5) on: Rape and Sexual Violence

Click here or on the image below for the summary.

Click here or on the image above for the summary.

Join us & share your views on “Affordable Care Act: Forward or Rollback?” on Wednesday (Sept. 12) 8:00 PM ET / 5:00 PM PT @SWSCmedia.

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