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Social work without politics – and for my next trick, farming without land – Opinion Piece by Allan Norman

Social work without politics? Is this a joke? Does anyone think you can do social work without political opinions? Here are three reasons why I can’t: my opinions are political;…

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The problem with political rhetoric in social work – An opinion piece by Prof. Jonathan J. Scourfield

I can’t join this week’s #SWSCmedia debate on social work and politics, but would like to make a contribution, so have written this rather polemical piece. Let’s hope it helps…

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Social Workers, Politics, and Political Opinions – A #SWSCmedia debate @SWSCmedia (06 March 2012)

The question of the extent to which social workers can participate in politics and political discussion and/or express political opinions is a challenging and difficult one. In fact, one of…

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