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Social Media & Social Work: @SWSCmedia: Bringing Social Workers Together Globally By Linda Grobman

With the rapidly changing technology all around us, it seems that new online social work communities and resources are springing up all the time. One such community and a leading…

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Childhood and the Media: Facebook & Google panel discussion – Part of @SWSCmedia #CyberStudies & #Liminality Series + #Childhood Studies

From the fourth in a series of Safegaurding conferences hosted by Bath Spa University, in association with David Niven Associates. (Courtesy of David Niven Associates). Simon Milner explained the different…

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Don’t shatter my son’s dreams… – #SWSCmedia Case Study Series on Information Sharing

A young boy aged 14 is diagnosed with HIV, however, because of his age his parents do not want to disclose this information to him. The young person used to…

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Social media and continuing professional development in social work: critical perspectives and future possibilities

Next Tuesday afternoon (13th March) a workshop at the Institute of Psychiatry, King’s College London, will bring together social work academics, practitioners and social media experts to discuss the benefits and pitfalls…

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Every Child: Connecting the Local and International and Making a Difference in Children’s Lives – by: Anna Feuchtwang

There are at least 24 million children around the world living without parental care. As far as we know.  More shocking is that we don’t know for sure how many…

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Mock Interview Panel by @Profsocialwork with @Mamiddau & @Obi1

Mock Interview Panel: Panel: @mamiddau and @profsocialwork Interviewee @Obi1 Position: @Obi1 is apply for the position of Children’s #SocialWorker within a local authority/statutory setting. The area of practice will focus…

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