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HCPC and Social Workers’ Registration, Regulation, and Continuous Professional Development (CPD)

Thank you for joining the debate and for sharing your views regarding HCPC and Social Workers’ registration, regulation, and Continuous Professional Develop (CPD). Also our great appreciation goes to HCPC…

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Debate Summary: Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct: Separating the Personal from Professional – 13 March 2012 – a #SWSCmedia Debate @SWSCmedia

Thank you for joining us in another rich and lively debate @SWSCmedia. The topic for discussion was Codes of ethics and professional conduct separating the personal and professional and we had a…

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#SWSCmedia Debate Summary for 14-Feb-2012 – #ChildProtection Debate

Thank you everyone for participating in our #ChildProtection debate last Tuesday. We hope you enjoyed it as much as we did. Below is the summary for the debate. We’re delighted…

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