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HCPC and Social Workers’ Registration, Regulation, and Continuous Professional Development (CPD)

Thank you for joining the debate and for sharing your views regarding HCPC and Social Workers’ registration, regulation, and Continuous Professional Develop (CPD). Also our great appreciation goes to HCPC…

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@SWSCmedia Case Study Series: Professional Boundary Dilemma – 2012-03-18 #SWSC media

I am a third year BA Social Work student on placement in a Local Authority. I met Samir about 6 months ago at a party and it is now 4…

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Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct: Separating the Personal form Professional – Opinion piece by: Joe Godden @BASW_UK

10 years ago I was asked to give my opinion regarding a social worker who appeared to be breaking professional boundaries. The social worker, a male in his 30’s, was…

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Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct: Separating the Personal from Professional – #SWSCmedia debate on 13 March 2012

The idea of separating personal from professional and that professional associations have the right to regulate and discipline their members and constrain their behaviour extends back at least into the Middle Ages when…

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The problem with political rhetoric in social work – An opinion piece by Prof. Jonathan J. Scourfield

I can’t join this week’s #SWSCmedia debate on social work and politics, but would like to make a contribution, so have written this rather polemical piece. Let’s hope it helps…

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Social Workers, Politics, and Political Opinions – A #SWSCmedia debate @SWSCmedia (06 March 2012)

The question of the extent to which social workers can participate in politics and political discussion and/or express political opinions is a challenging and difficult one. In fact, one of…

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